A Story Every Day

I was listening to NPR the other night in my car as I drove home from some place I’ve already forgotten, and I overheard an interview with author Donald Ray Pollock. He was saying that he used to write a story a day. By this he meant that he copied over someone’s story, one a day, as a method of learning how to write. I liked this idea. I also started to like the idea of writing a quick (or long) story a day. To practice. To learn. To tell. To share.

And then I decided that perhaps when I didn’t have my own stories, I could help tell other people’s stories. And here, “A Story Every Day” was born.

It is my hope that this can be outlet for everyone’s stories. Stories true or false. Stories sad or happy. Fiction or non fiction. Past or present.

Donald Ray Pollock’s story, as told by NPR, can be found here.

I’m confident that everyone has a story to tell, whether or not they believe they do. This confidence has inspired me to make this space, and to aim to post a story a day, whether it’s mine or yours.

You can submit stories to astoryproject@gmail.com. 


2 thoughts on “A Story Every Day

  1. hey i heard the same interview on NPR and i’m practicing it as well. Though it might be better to do one a week so you can really soak it up. I think i remember him saying he carried it around in his pocket and made notes and threw it away at the end of the week. Good luck to you. I’m already loving it.

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