Pouvior Et Leur Position

Pouvoir Et Leur Position

Inspired by Dia Frampton rendition of Kayne West “Heartless”

How can I be sentence to death when I was never born?

“Gabriel is unusually intelligent and unusually large!” That is what intimates them about me, he ponders to himself as he meets death in the morning.

The Benefit of the Clergy: “How did I miss the intent that I was put here to serve others more than myself, when my conscience tells me to make a change to benefit others? When does our society keep GOD’s rules but closes our eyes to his intent? These questions come to my mind as I ponder about religion and politics, is this the effect to be had in society?”

Gabriel speaks words that are understood be go unheard:

I just wanted to make them feel, hear and understand what they felt I deserved. I the victim remain to always be made to feel ashamed for being attacked. Revolt is what I aspire and admire. To those who don’t know me, when I talk about racism, it is not to make blacks hate white, when I talk about abuse, it is not to make women hate men, when I talk about abolishing, it is to make those who achieve security by imposing manipulated fear in others to validate their existence murder themselves before I do!  I ask this to my opponents, who really is the abomination, those who life was limited by obscurity or those who practice absurdity?

Eulogy: We are all born into a world we know nothing about, I educated myself on its history and while I discovered the truth and tried to share it with others, I was then made to be a menace to society. I would pray, but what is the purpose when I have to fight the battle on my own. Shall some say I am the Lord Jesus Christ here to spread the word and fate included dying for the sins of others!

Dedicated and Inspired by Gabriel Prosser: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/aia/part3/3p1576.html

Written by: Christina A. Jeter




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