“This is Water” by David Foster Wallace

I have to encourage you all to read this.

It’s incredible, and I don’t say that in a light way. We become miserable in our daily lives because we curse the repetition that keeps us stable and sane, and we take this out on others instead of recognizing the high points. We fail to remember, as we are caught in our own repetition and mind, that others have a point of view, and we fail to remember that we should be screaming “it’s not about me!” Even if we don’t live by those words every second, it’s important that we say them constantly to keep our selves and our lives in perspective.

Read David Foster Wallace’s “This is Water” here: http://moreintelligentlife.com/story/david-foster-wallace-in-his-own-words

It was a commencement speech years ago for graduates of Kenyon College in Ohio, but there’s no reason that every single soul shouldn’t consider these words.


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