A Writing Playlist

I love listening to music when I work, but I’m pretty picky about it. I need to have it in the background. I’m working on putting together a “writing playlist” of mellow music that I love to listen to when I write.

Anyone have suggestions? What do you like to listen to when you write, if anything?


5 thoughts on “A Writing Playlist

  1. I also like to have music in the background while I’m writing. Usually I try to let it correspond to the time period and/ mood that I’m trying to capture.

    Right now I am writing a novel set in England in the 1680’s, so it’s Purcell and his contemporaries which includes Italian Baroque composers too as there is a strong Italian element to the story.

    I also really like traditional folk music to help with writing flow and inspiration.

  2. I usually listen to music through Grooveshark nowadays, and I made playlists for all sorts of moods. Writing certainly requires a real specific type of music. The best is for it to be purely instrumental, since words distract from the words you are trying to put into writing. I enjoy acoustic guitar music, like Paco de Lucia or Ottmar Liebert.
    Sometimes I like loungey music, like Thievery Corporation or Gotan project. The singing in this type of music is non distracting and very relaxing, in my opinion.

    I hope you find your writing soundtrack!

  3. Anything that’s soft and ballad-ey and doesn’t scream out ‘heavy metal’ is ok for me. There are days I HAVE to have music to write, either on the background or to plug my ears to block other sounds (if I’m writing in the noisy cribroom during my lunch break).
    Like bardessdmdenton, I sometimes correlate what I’m writing to a piece of music, if applicable. ‘Sober’ by Kelly Clarkson is very soothing. Some of the more ballad-ey U2 stuff (not Vertigo or City of Blinding Lights) are good too. Lifehouse songs correspond very well with harmonious, lovey-dovey scenes 😉

  4. I usually have my pandora station on while I write. It’s terribly distracting because I end up saying, “Ooooh, what’s this?” and clicking over to check. That being said, when I’m more disciplined I generally have the following on, quietly, in the background. I know I’ve hit my groove when I can’t tell you what’s been playing…

    Christine Kane
    Matt Pond PA (slow stuff like Brooklyn Stars and New Hampshire)
    Counting Crows
    Ingrid Michaelson
    Jenny O.
    Matthew Sweet

    I also listen to some classical but I’m ridiculously picky about classical so it’s tough. Classical piano or full symphonic works are my favorites.

  5. I can’t listen to music when I write, because I’m built to LISTEN to what I’m hearing. I have an extremely difficult time tuning music out.

    Having said that, I sometimes go to the coffee shop to write because it’s got less distractions than my home does (go figure! but it doesn’t have dishes, a dog, laundry, etc.). I have to time it so that I’m there in the early afternoon. Once it gets around 4pm or so, I slowly find that my mind just can’t concentrate anymore, and that’s when I realize that they’ve changed the music from [whatever soft jazz they were playing] to some annoying biddly-bee-bop scat jazz that digs into my mind and dances around.

    Classical HAS to be bland and soft. Most classical music transitions through harmony and conflict, and I just lose it during the conflict.

    I think anything labeled “music for massage” would work for me. Some new age stuff too.

    Oh, have I introduced myself yet? I’m Kelly, I’m doing the campaign too. 🙂

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