The McFuture

by Chris Tellez,

The McFuture
If this comedy thing doesn’t work out for me and I ever lose all hope I think I’ll eventually move to my hometown and just work at a McDonald’s. Not that there’s anything wrong with working at McDonald’s. I just want to see people I grew up with that went on to do great things, walk into my chain so that I can say, “Hey Man! Didn’t you go to South? It’s me Chris Tellez! Guess I should have not told all those fucking jokes in class huh? Not so funny anymore. Anyway, What’s it gonna be big guy? Big Mac? GO WARRIORS!”. Definitely a cashier kind of person, and a grill kind of person.
Again, there is nothing wrong about working at McDonald’s but come on. People act like it’s not good enough. Kind of like I’ve never met anyone who works or has worked at a Pay-less. Working at McDonald’s is more respectable than being a drug dealer or mugging people, but drug dealers and muggers get fine girls and everyone thinks they’re cool. No matter how far you go in McDonald’s, you still have to say you work for McDonald’s, and people immediately will picture a stressed out situation with you in a dirty uniform dropping nuggets. Ladies think it’s not hot to say “My boyfriend works at McDonald’s.” Shame on you ladies. Shame. You can be the CEO at McDonald’s dancing at a club with a girl and when she asks where you work, you would probably have to say things like ” I work at McDonald’s…Let me explain. You know the parfait? That shit was me! I spear headed that project!” Projects get spear headed at McDonald’s!
McDonald’s could pay $10.00 per hour and some people would rather make less than minimum wage working like at a Thunder cloud which is delicious but COME ON! Make that money at McDonald’s and eat at Thunder Cloud you dummy!
I’m gonna stalk some hot girl that works at an Urban Outfitters, wait for her to go on break or leave for lunch, walk in the store in a Mcdonald’s uniform with a combo meal in hand and say “Hey, I’m Brittany’s boyfriend Chris. Just wanted to come by and drop off her lunch. Can you give this to her? I gotta get back to work.” That person’s mind would be blown.
❤ Chris


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