Her Boiling Point

Her Boiling Point

by Gary Batson

When Angela kissed Charlie, she melted in his arms like Godiva Chocolates.  She’d forgotten all of her problems in his strong arms.  He was well built, ruggedly handsome and he was dark.  She wore dreads and she was the color of carnation milk.  In his arms, she forgot her son, who lost his sight at the age of 17 from a crippling diagnosis of diabetes.  She forgot her daughter, who was kidnapped by her ex and now the authorities had a warrant for his arrest if only they could find out where he was to serve it.  She figured South Carolina or North Carolina.  He always wanted to leave New York:

“Rough-ass, New York,” he would always complain between jobs.  But he did try, he always tried.  She could never quite figure out if it was the fault of society, him, or a combination of both.  Tanya’s father, well, he had a temper that simmered like the Hawaiian volcanoes and erupted unpredictably.

“I love you Angela,” Charlie took a break from her lips and spoke in the midst of their passions.

“I love you too, Charlie.”  They were in a secluded area of the Berkshires, a favorite getaway spot they drove to on occasions.  The green of the Berkshires was rich and Eden-like, and often one had to blink twice to confirm mortality.  Charlie and Angela were on top of the lowered seats in the back of Charlie’s SUV.  They were nude and comfortable by the sun that baked on this late Spring afternoon.  The tinted windows insured their privacy but right now they only wanted to kiss.  They wanted to enjoy each other.  Angela wanted to briefly forget about Randy, her son’s father.

She chose her men right, she thought.  They were always professional, relatively successful.  But no matter your choices, you can never tell how one would handle pressure or life’s twists and turns.  Randy could not take the pressure of his son’s illness.  It seemed to undermine his manhood.  She tried again with Bill, Tanya’s father, but he refused to leave, even when the chemistry died; even after the police escorted him out.  But, she made a fatal mistake by letting him pick Tanya up from school one day.  It’s been a week since she’s seen her daughter.  Charlie thought she needed this break from her worries.  She could resume the search later.  She knew Tanya was safe with her own father.  She just did not know what it would take to get her back.  So along with Charlie’s rifle and the gun that her father left before he died, she planned to find Tanya and hunt Bill down like the dog he was.

“I love you Charlie…”

It was her last “I love you” before climax.



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