That Is Why I Love Him

My Love Story

Once upon a time, I only thought I would have love in my dreams and imagination then fate decided I was lucky enough to have him. What a beautiful dark skin man, physically build, statues, with sensitivity to his face and demeanor that makes you want to run into his arms. I am told his name is Andre Cailloux and he means to make a positive change in the world, not just for people of color for everybody who has been a victim in today’s society.

A Pleasure to Meet You

The night approaches and I can’t wait for the Crescent city to come alive with the candle light reflection from a young lover’s boudoir balcony, the vibration of music from the taverns, and the whistling of gentlemen hoping to court young ladies for the night. The season is Mardi Gras and the occasion is a life of love.  I place myself like a fleurdelis in my window still and watch the men swing from the pillars while hoping to caught the ear and eye of their desire. A playful voice quotes, “I am the darkest man in New Orleans” and my eyes make their way to my ears attention. We both say hello with a smile and I can’t help but notice how handsome he is, my vision becomes in engage with him and I now know my mission is to make sure I conduct myself in such a scrupulous manner.

Boujour darkest man in New Orleans, if I toss you my rosary will you caught it and bring it back to me. Oui, he relies. We meet inside and the bottom of the stair case and he places the rosary in my hand, while asking and you are? Felicie Coulon as my hand cups the top of his to collect the rosary. The reward of his attention is just as pleasurable in and out of bed and til this day we have always been together.

Happy 164th Anniversary Andre and Felicie Cailloux


June 22, 1847


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