The Spaceship

The Spaceship by Dexter Kim

far into the future, a young, ambitious, yet arrogant man ventured to
do what no man had ever done before. He wanted to journey to the
furthest reaches of the universe. So he built himself a spaceship and
took off. Months passed and along his way, he discovered lush new
planets and solar systems far larger and more beautiful than his own. He
even considered settling down on one of the planets to live out the
rest of his life. But he knew that there was much more to see and that
there were better planets out there. So he kept on his way and it wasn’t
until years later that his ship had crashed into something massive. He
immediately got out of his ship to survey the damage and saw what even
his eyes could not convince him was real. He had hit a giant wall that
seemed to extend forever in all directions. Adding to his disbelief, he
saw that there were thousands of spaceships lodged into the wall just
like his own. He then looked to the ship closest to him and saw that it
still contained the pilot who at this point had become an old man. He
signaled to the pilot to come out and talk to him.

The young man then asked him, “hey what the hell is this thing?”.
“Well, it’s a wall obviously”, the old man replied.
“Ok. So how do you get around it?” He asked impatiently.
“You can’t. It’s a wall”.
The young man laughed and said, “How can this be? The universe is supposed to be infinite!”
The old man laughed back, closed his eyes and asked, “Who says the universe is infinite?”


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