Raymond Carver, Again

Since posting the first Raymond Carver story the other day, I’ve since decided to do week long “features” of short story writers. I’m choosing first from those that I enjoy, simply because this is my basis for short story writing, but I’d love to hear suggestions & I would be happy to feature those as well.

I started with Raymond Carver, and I adore him, so I’m going to continue with him this week.

His biography can be found here, and the second story I want you guys to think about is Cathedral. While I don’t have a link or text to post here, I want to encourage you to find it, and read it. Carver anthologies are available all over the place. I know this isn’t the easiest way to get your hands on the story – me not giving it straight to you – but I promise you it’s worth it to go out and find it!

I’d like to provide a summary or some commentary, but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. So, feel free to put your comments and thoughts about it below in the comments, and I can comment there as well.



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