Insular Dreams, by Antony Valoppi

Insular Dreams

Carelessly caressing the past brings futures farther from ever needing relentless

rewards. Aftermath path leads to nevermore, evermore, more so never in sight

but vaguely on the surface. Surface mass shown past the odds of finding truth

within these callas confines in mind. Letting all go to ever felt. Call unto you by

no chance, perchance a lack of fluid thoughts caught on barbs of arid flesh –

dangling close to outcry – once tried to no avail. A veil of silence enveloped by

searing sight of light. Come three bells fell sustaining trough of spine and feet

at my feet as the stomach grows fond of this intrinsic ort shackled belly to hull in

this prison adrift. Sharing space with thine own leg gave back unto me. Grave

separation, companion reminder, a donation of fates path lay beside me for days

inviting scavenging maggots leaving me to dine on vile waste too offensive for

their taste. Pulled at four bells from this box cell to bare witness of thine maiden

secured by rope, gowned for parade – enslaved. I would give that very leg in

floors below to cease this torture of my soul’s beloved. For she is like the air after

a thunder storm. As voices of such a multitude increase – as rail side dragged –

displayed anchored plank. Defiant reed resisting sea spray. Why her eyes never

reached so deep to my soul as now – as last sight falls to me. Soft pedal eases

gently to meet the sea. Below I am shut. Laughter trapped by latched boards

echoing in this box cell.

Copyright ~ Antony Valoppi ~ 2011


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