The Great Indigo Squid

The Great Indigo Squid

By Kris Levin

The great indigo squid residing

A goodish amount of leagues

Under the sea, latches onto me,

Pulls me down into its murky depths.

Unsettled dirt clog a formerly beautiful

Tranquil aquatic atmosphere as

Immense appendages pin my struggling form

Like a dragonfly caught in a spider’s web.

Stunted electric blue tentacles emerge

From out the mammoth beast’s beak.

Hanging sublimely suspended

Like a dancing lightning storm

Caught in time before my very eyes.

Entranced as I watched these electrical,

Fairy-like projections,

The creature let me go,

But leave I did not.

The bolts extended serenely towards

My person as I looked past its spectacle

Into this demon’s glowing bloodshot orbs.

Transfixed, I tried to scream, but alas,

I surrendered that privilege once I left the air above.

Unable to move as they jutted towards me,

Heart thumping madly to the point of combustion,

Filling with fears, pressures and anxieties,

Terror grabbing a-hold of me like a live wire,

Latching onto my chest like a parasitic infection,

Lungs constricted under its all-powerful grip;

Absorbing the very life-force and energy from my body.

Mind faint, world spinning, the monster set me free.

Floating to the surface, coughing and sputtering,

I feebly begin to swim back to the shore.

Always will I remember the tremendous journey.

Always will I bear its weight and scars.

Always in the watchful eye

Of the great indigo squid.


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