This raggedy man

by Matthew Harris

This raggedy man

whilst deep in sleep
this past night
what felt like galactic body fell upon this slumbering heap
affecting immediate fear lest worst nightmare would crush with might
but lo…just thee spouse plunked herself with unconsciousness deep
unable to recapture pleasant dreams well nigh past day light.

rather than emit shrieks like some angry birds
the idea arose to attempt poem to express discombobulated state
whereby grey matter feels similar to thick whey curds
palliative sans restorative power per rest will clear muddled pate
thick with grogginess and marauding herds
of mailer daemons worse than unsuitable mate
or a world wide web filled with nerds
thus lethargy purged via catharsis with forming words
that follow rhyming pattern to convey mood = to a synonym for turds.

respite from a cat nap as tonic no lion here
can spell relief and serve as balm
with pillow as temptress ever so near
beckons softly inviting calm
before this human goes a berserk manic tear
being revisited from haunts inside head of this mister mom
caught by men in white coats strait jacketing maniac in tattered under wear
whose tushy by the way oh about the size of an average palm
yet taut for witnessing deux score plus twelve mortal year.


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