Raised by a Stork, by Matthew Harris

Raised by a Stork

Beak cause of being taken under wing by the kindness of this U crane relative, I pay
written homage to my ability to fend for myself and fly in the face of adversity!

Left abandoned under the shade of a sequoia tree when just born, my birth parents
never known to me!

Pink flamingoes and pelicans essentially constitute social structure, thus helping to
explain erratic flapping motions and diving head first into billions of waterways in search
of prey!

Heights of Ash and berries (such as those found in Acapulco and/or Baja, California)
give me a rush, especially when catching the atmospheric headwinds and soaring like

Although just a clumsy, fledgling gangly mass of skinny legs and feathers, a push from
me famous mother worm monger (the superb flier Harriet) found immediate fear when
warmly booted from out the nest!

Rather than be a bird din, this automatic instinct in the aviary species witnesses little
tufts of soft downy pirouetting in a downward spiral when just before making contact
with land, the natural reflexive welcome visits!

Fortunate for yours truly that an exceptional ability to escape an untimely close call
with terrestrial firmament witnessed an amazing power (e quill to pluribus Unum) to jet
far into the stratosphere where eagles soar!

Although bequeathed with such exemplary powers to wrench away from the tug of
gravity, I downplayed this skill and feigned being brought into this world (in the hands
of some unknown person) an ordinary set of claws with an atypical noteworthy tail
comprising prismatic colors when fanned out!

Always one to maintain modesty, the extraordinary ability to display awesome aerial
stunts fueled rumors within all four corners of the globe!

All the major squawk show hosts such as osprey winfrey, morey egret, springer falcon,
et cetera scrambled to enlist such feats of lighter than air ballet escapades!

Like the taste of fresh fish on salmon enchanted evening, I savored the adulation, yet
also felt obliged to provide for the surviving parents no matter that she hen pecked his
only male heir to the architectural splendor of his domain!

This equates to this wordy tweet!


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