A Story Every Day would like your help…

You’ve probably noticed that we haven’t been posting a story EVERY day.

While this is a hard feat, and I have to recognize that (humbly, since we haven’t met the goal!), we’ve done a pretty good job. But recently, it’s been hard to keep up.

This is for a few reasons, some lame and some more legitimate:

1. I’ve been traveling.

2. It’s the holidays.

3. And here we go… submissions are low. I originally started spreading the word by posting on Craigslist – there are always hungry people on there! But, Craigslist often takes ads down when they look like other ads, and so if I posted in two cities within about 90 days of each other, this tactic didn’t really work.

And thus, A Story Every Day readers, we’re asking for your help. Can you assist us in spreading the word about A Story Every Day, and encouraging people to submit their stories, poems, photos, anecdotes, whatever they please? The submission email is: astoryproject@gmail.com

I want this relationship to be reciprocal – it’s not just for A Story Every Day. We can feature your blog, or your stories specially, or something along those lines. If you help us out, we want to help you out too.

What do you guys think? You in?


4 thoughts on “A Story Every Day would like your help…

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  2. I think most people are busy with their own blogs… Im doing Project 365, posting a post every day. I don’t have time to send you any stories, but feel free to read my blog and link to it if you want.

    But your blog is a great idea. I wish you the best and really hope that you get all the help you are asking for.


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