National Handwriting Day

I missed National Handwriting Day! It was on January 23rd. What was I doing on January 23rd that I missed it? Just working. On a computer. No handwriting involved. (It’s a shame.)

Do you think handwriting is on it’s way out, thanks to computers? We don’t even jot notes anymore while we’re out on about – we type them into smartphones! I know my handwriting has gotten sloppier since I started using a computer all the time. You?


One thought on “National Handwriting Day

  1. Oh my gosh, I missed it, too! Yesterday, I did pen letters to two of my grandsons, though. That nandwriting is not taught or graded in elementary school anymore is such a shame. My oldest grandson has terrible cursive and such practically illegible printing that I can’t understand how his teachers can read his homework and tests. Handwriting is definitely a dying art.

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