Wrought Metal Bird Necklace

Flying bird pendant on mustard silk ribbon.




The Stigma Store: Grand Opening

26.2% of the adult population in the U.S. suffers from some kind of mental illness. Note, that’s just adults – that doesn’t even included children and adolescents. Of that 26.2%, only 36% are received treatment. (This is all according to the National Institutes of Mental Health.) 

Now, according to me (and lots of other people, really): this happens because mental illness has a stigma. With its prevalence, it shouldn’t. The stigma makes the suffering worse, which makes the stigma even worse because no one talks about how bad it feels because they’re embarrassed, and etc etc. 
The stigma needs to stop. As someone with a mental illness (depression) I often feel like a hypocrite because I don’t talk about it openly even though I say people should, and I’m really private about it and often self-conscious.  Remember when cancer was stigmatized because people weren’t sure how it was spread? Look at it now – we all talk about it, we all know about it. Depression and other mental illnesses need to be the same way, so we can start making real progress. I myself need to get better at this. 
To that end, I’m opening a story on etsy (okay, I started it awhile and never did anything with it). It’s called The Stigma Store, and for every item that is sold, I am going to donate $1 to the National Alliance on Mental Health
And – I’m going to blog about mental illness. And talk about it. And I encourage you to do the same. 
Thank you for your support!

Tomorrow is February 1, and so a challenge begins

February dawns upon us tomorrow, and as I hate the cold winter months, I want something to distract myself. To drag me away from the freezing temperatures and snow that is supposedly going to fall (though there are birds chirping outside my window now and it will be 58 degrees F today, so what can I complain about).

That being said, I want to participate in this challenge: http://www.thehouseofsmiths.com/2012/01/photo-day-linky-party-announcement.html

While I probably won’t link back (who knows, maybe I will get into that), these photos are going to tell the story of my February. Not to mention give me a focus for the month. I’m looking forward to it.


National Handwriting Day

I missed National Handwriting Day! It was on January 23rd. What was I doing on January 23rd that I missed it? Just working. On a computer. No handwriting involved. (It’s a shame.)

Do you think handwriting is on it’s way out, thanks to computers? We don’t even jot notes anymore while we’re out on about – we type them into smartphones! I know my handwriting has gotten sloppier since I started using a computer all the time. You?

A Writer's World


Butch drove a classic Chevy Bel Air, one of those old school convertibles, pitch black in color. The car was illegal of course, no one was allowed to own a private vehicle in the city, but Butch told me that no one dared to take on the Bel Air; it was much faster than any cop car. He pressed on the accelerator, the motor roared into the night as we rolled towards Creekwell City. The mission was simple, The Doctor asked us to go pick up Steve Miller and The Painter from the dive-bar, drive to the old glass factory on the outskirts of town, and meet up with a man who’d give us a package to be delivered to The Doctor. I rested my back on the leather passenger seat, the cold air blew so hard on my face that it made me squint. It was my first…

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