Author’s Rights

Authors retain all rights to their stories. The stories and works are simply posted here for sharing and telling purposes only. Authors may share their stories wherever they would like, repost them as they see fit, and do with them what they want.

If another outlet or publication has the rights to a story, it is the author’s responsibility to follow those guidelines and not send in that story for submission.

Submitting a story to implies consent for use of the story solely on

If an author would like their story taken down at any point, they can email with the title of their submission, the date it was posted, and the request to pull it from the site.

Stories can be posted anonymously or with a name.

A Story Every Day is not responsible for other people’s actions regarding a story (this includes but is not limited to – someone sending in a work that is not theirs, sending in work that is not supposed to be shared, sending in works to which someone else (be it an individual, company, or outlet) already has the rights to).

Any questions, please email ; subject: Author’s Rights.


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